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Bhutan followed a policy of self-imposed isolation and was largely cut off from the rest of the world for centuries because of its most rugged and mountainous topography, as most of the country includes part of the Himalayan ranges. Until the early sixties, this landlocked tiny nation was accessible only by foot through the high passes of Tibet and the plains of India. Now, there are two ways via which a tourist can make entry and exit from Bhutan i.e. by air and overland travel.

Today Drukair, the Royal Bhutan Airlines introduced in 1983 and the recent privately- owned Bhutan Airlines managed by Tashi Air Pvt. Ltd. operate and connect Bhutan from Paro valley to various cities in South and Southeast Asia. Although Bhutan Airlines covers limited destinations of Bangkok and Kathmandu, Drukair operates to and from Dhaka in Bangladesh, Indian cities of Kolkata, New Delhi, Gaya, Bagdogra and Guwahati, Kathmandu in Nepal, Bangkok in Thailand and Singapore. Drukair also operates domestic air services providing passengers with the choice of multiple entries and exits from various parts of India. Airfares are payable in US dollars and tickets will be arranged by local tour operator such as Bhutan Engyum Travels.

The border towns of Phuentsholing in the southwest, Gelephu in the south and Samdrup Jongkhar in the southeast serve as overland entry and exit points for the tourists. However, please note that all overland travel requires an Indian visa. The overland entry and exit is convenient for tourists interested in combining their trips to Bhutan along with the North-Eastern Indian States including Sikkim and hilly districts of Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal. 

Tour Packages

  • Festival Tours

    Bhutan’s festivals are mostly religious and their significance profoundly symbolic. Religious festivals are called tshechus either dedicated to Guru Rinpoche, the Second Lord Buddha or to local saints and deities.

  • Cultural Tours

    The cultural tours take the visitors to various mystical and fascinating places which are associated with our unique history, religion, colourful festivals and life-styles of the people. 

  • Meetings, Events and Filming

    Bhutan is gradually becoming an international meeting place now. One of our service lines focuses on the logistic arrangements related to company tours, business retreat, conference, seminar or meeting for overseas companies. 

Adventure Package

  • Biking, Rafting and Kayaking

    Bhutan has an ideal setting for mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. The routes for mountain biking are challenging and pass through fabulous landscapes and interesting villages and people. 

  • Trekking

    Green virgin forests, winding rivers, unimaginable waterfalls, gentle gurgle of streams, extensive mountain ranges and a gorgeous kaleidoscope of flora and fauna make Bhutan a perfect destination for trekkers needing eco-break from fast paced life. 

  • Nature Trek

    These are specialized treks for the tourists in pursuit of academic knowledge, hobbies, nature filming and photographing of the rich biodiversity.