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The textile tradition is one of the best in the world. Most women are seasoned weavers of highly diverse designs and convoluted patterns. Each region of Bhutan has its own textile style. People of Kurtoe in eastern Bhutan are famous for design of superb dresses called kushutara, woven with a brocading technique while Radhi in Trashigang is famous for raw silk weavers locally known as burey outfits. The unique and intricate patterns of the textiles differ according to type of looms, on which they are woven as well as fibre and dyes. Dyes used for the textiles are extracted indigenously from vegetables and mineral pigments.

An artisan community of Trashiyangtse in eastern Bhutan makes wooden bowls, plates, and containers using pedal lathes on the extracted burr of prized wood. The root of the wormwood locally called khempa, which is in the form of a tuber, is considered to be the best for making wooden bowls. Bowls and receptacles are usually lacquered black or red with a substance that is extracted from the lacquer tree Asiatic Sumac.

Bhutanese artisans are also renowned for bamboo and rattan wares as our forests are endowed with abundant stocks of bamboos and canes of various species.  The skills of weaving canes and bamboo products are predominant with the people of Kangpara in eastern Bhutan and the Bjokaps in Central Bhutan. The products are these days sold to tourists in handicraft shops and craft bazaar in Thimphu giving the practicing artisans an extra income as well as ensuring the sustainability of our existing traditional craft culture amid the onslaught of inevitable globalization.


Tour Packages

  • Meetings, Events and Filming

    Bhutan is gradually becoming an international meeting place now. One of our service lines focuses on the logistic arrangements related to company tours, business retreat, conference, seminar or meeting for overseas companies. 

  • Festival Tours

    Bhutan’s festivals are mostly religious and their significance profoundly symbolic. Religious festivals are called tshechus either dedicated to Guru Rinpoche, the Second Lord Buddha or to local saints and deities.

  • Cultural Tours

    The cultural tours take the visitors to various mystical and fascinating places which are associated with our unique history, religion, colourful festivals and life-styles of the people. 

Adventure Package

  • Nature Trek

    These are specialized treks for the tourists in pursuit of academic knowledge, hobbies, nature filming and photographing of the rich biodiversity. 

  • Trekking

    Green virgin forests, winding rivers, unimaginable waterfalls, gentle gurgle of streams, extensive mountain ranges and a gorgeous kaleidoscope of flora and fauna make Bhutan a perfect destination for trekkers needing eco-break from fast paced life. 

  • Biking, Rafting and Kayaking

    Bhutan has an ideal setting for mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. The routes for mountain biking are challenging and pass through fabulous landscapes and interesting villages and people.